Plants Of California

  • Artemisia Douglasiana – California Mugwort

    Artemisia Douglasiana – California Mugwort

    Common Name and Other Aliases Artemisia douglasiana, commonly known as Douglas’ Sagewort or Douglas Mugwort, is a perennial herbaceous plant native to the western United States. The plant is named after David Douglas, a Scottish botanist who collected numerous plant species in the early 19th century during his travels in North America. The plant’s common…

  • Arctostaphylos varieties – Manzanita

    Arctostaphylos varieties – Manzanita

    Distribution and Habitat Various species grow on dry slopes in Coastal Ranges and Chaparral and is usually found below 5,000 feet elevation in most of California. There are forty-three species of Manzanita throughout California and most of these were used as food sources by natives. Description of Plant Manzanita grows in dense thickets 2-4 meters…